About Me

You have tried every diet in the world and nothing works. You’re tired of counting points or calories. You’re just tired and exhausted in general.


Does it seem like you are waiting for your life to begin? You may say to yourself, I’ll go on that trip, start a business or insert anything you’ve been wanting to do until I lose weight.

Is that any way to live?

I am a life coach for women and young girls who want more energy, sleep better and a better relationship with food and your body.

Throughout my adult life, I have struggled with my weight. I’ve done Weight Watchers twice and other diets too and every single damn time, I gained my weight back. I was so frustrated, I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t keep the weight off. The thing is, is that diets do work, you lose weight initially and they can teach you a lot about food and your body but they aren’t sustainable and you have to stay on them to see results. You see I never stayed on those diets because it became so hard to eat. I remember the last time I was on weight watchers, I had 21 points for the day, so 7 points for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes, I had those flex points, but I was constantly checking what I could eat and couldn’t eat and felt like it was running my life and so I stopped. Because eating 21 points was NOT sustainable for the rest of my life.

Growing up, I also struggled with confidence and self esteem. I didn’t think very highly of myself, I didn’t think I was attractive because I was looking for others to validate that for me. I thought that since guys didn’t pay any attention to me that I was unattractive and I would never have any boyfriends or get married. The things that go through a teenage girls mind and boy was I wrong, I am now married and I have a wonderful family, my husband, Norm, our dog Daisy Mae and our 3 year old daughter, Addie.

After college is when I struggled the most with my weight and my confidence. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and I felt discouraged. I couldn’t find a job in my field and at the time, I saw all of my friends getting married and having children and I wanted that too, but nothing was happening for me. I didn’t have a job in my field of study, Norm and I were dating but we were always off and on, and I lived with my parents. I felt like a failure. Back then, I blamed Norm for a lot of things. I realize now, that most of the problems I/we had, were the thoughts in my head and of what society was telling me I should be doing. I should be getting married and having babies. Hell, back then I didn’t even know if I wanted kids lol! In my mind, all I could think about was, well if I get married I will be happy or when I have kids I’ll be happy, or if I lose weight I’ll be happy. I wasn’t living my life for me, I was letting society and others tell me how to live. I was doing everything I “should” be doing instead of living and having fun.

Fast Forward

Fast forward 20 years and I am finally starting to know who I am and what I want out life. I found out about life coaching five years ago and I graduated from the Martha Beck Life Coach Training in 2015, the same year I had my daughter. One of my teachers was Master Life Coach Susan Hyatt and I started following her on Facebook immediately. I was drawn to her and followed her for many years, before I signed up for her BARE Daily program in 2017. I was intrigued by her program and when I joined up, I didn’t know what to expect. Her program was life changing for me and I credit the program for where I am today. I am finally on my right path and have more confidence in myself than I have had in years. I have never felt more free and full of life. Even though I have kept the weight off this time, the emotional transformation was even more profound. I feel like I’ve lost 100 lbs in emotional weight. I sleep better, my relationships are better, and most of all I feel more fulfilled in my life. I feel like the world is at my feet and anything is possible.

The reason I became a coach is because of my story above. I want to help other women feel like anything is possible. I want them to stop worrying about their weight and start living their life NOW. I also do this work for my daughter. She has truly been an inspiration of mine. I want her to know that she is more than what she looks like. I am constantly stopped by strangers telling me how adorable she is. I really can’t believe that it starts so young. While I do believe she is pretty cute, there is so much more to her. She is brave, she is fierce, she is smart, she is funny, she is silly, and most of all she is herself and that is all I want her to be. I want her and every other woman to know that they matter and truly being yourself is a gift you can only give yourself. I do this work for my daughter, my young self and all the other women out there who want to feel they matter.

Are you ready to stop dieting and live the life of your dreams? If so, click here to schedule a 30 minute mini session to chat more. I look forward to hearing from you!