Everyone is talking about decluttering!

So have you been watching the new Marie Kondo show on Netflix? I watched the first episode and can’t wait to watch more!  I have actually been using her method for a little over a year now and I can tell you that it totally works. I also read the book not too long ago, soooo good!  I revamped my closet and I can tell you that 90% of the clothes in their spark joy and I wear them often.  It is actually very freeing, because I no longer search for what to wear.  Since I love almost every piece of clothing, all I have to think about is when I wore it last lol!

In my Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach training, we learned a coaching tool, called the The Living Space. It is where you mentally go through your house and see which areas you like and which ones you don’t.  In the space that you don’t particularly like, she asks us to describe that space in detail, like what is in the room, what it looks like, if anything needs repaired and how it makes you feel.  Can you think of a spot like this in your house? This space could be your closet, the garage or basement or any other room in the house.  Really think about this space and jot down the answers to the questions I just presented.

One of my favorite quotes by Martha Beck is “Your surroundings are an expression of your inner state. You can’t change your life without changing your stuff and you can’t change your stuff without changing your life”.  I love this quote because it really is true. Once I purged the clothes that no longer fit me, whether they were too big or too small or clothes that I just didn’t like anymore, it created space in my mind for me to love my body the way it is and also release negative thoughts about my body. I realized that those clothes and thoughts no longer served me, especially after doing the process multiple times. When I added back in items that I loved, it made me feel like a new person and I was open to new and positive thoughts about my body.

Now, think about the room you thought about earlier, can you find how the items in that room or closet reflect your inner life? Is there a fear coming up or maybe a negative thought? Think about what those items mean in your life. Do you need to purge or repair something?  Also, think about what items you would add to the room that make you feel good and create positive thoughts.

I love this concept so much and think that our spaces really do reflect what is going on in our mind. Start with something small, you don’t have to do your entire closet or room all at once.  One little thing can do wonders. Maybe start with your underwear drawer or your kitchen table, depending on the room you picked. Do those items “spark joy” and if not throw them away or donate! See how it feels in your mind once you get rid of something as well as adding to those areas.

I would so love to hear how this exercise worked for you! Please put in the comments what you learned. Or if something came that you want to talk about, feel free to contact me to set up a mini session, just go to my website at www.tashahazelton.com to sign up.  Xoxo!

Word for 2019

I was recently challenged to choose my word for 2019. It took a little bit of time to see what resonated with me. I came up with Vibrant, Freedom, peaceful and Brave. This past year, my word was Action. I chose that word because I wanted to take action in my life coaching business.  And I did take some action in my business, I started blogging again and I took some steps to make it official, but I lost my grandma over the summer and I let things go and never did finish my application for my LLC. I kind of lost myself in a Netflix binge of Gilmore Girls, which I currently only have one episode left of the “Year in the life” mini-series lol! I know now that I was calling this self-care but I was really just avoiding my shit. Anyhow, I hit the snooze bar on my year of taking action. I did, however, take action to do things I wanted to do this past year and in my own personal development.  I went to Savannah, Georgia where I attended a day of BARE with the famous Susan Hyatt and I got to meet her for the first time and then I got to see her again in Chicago, this past October.  This past year has had high points and low points. Even though, I stalled out a bit, I am proud of myself for all that I have accomplished this past year. Taking inventory your victories each year is so important. I did this last year and it really made me see that I did a lot in one year. We all have setbacks, they are bound to happen, but it is our mindset and attitude that matters the most. So with that in mind here are my top three accomplishments from 2018:

1.       Being able to attend 2 Susan Hyatt events (Savannah and Chicago)! They were both OFF THE HOOK events and I am so glad that I was able to go! As Susan would say, “Be the person with the stories, not the regrets!”

2.       Finishing the year strong! I got back into blogging (as you can see here!). I love to write and share my thoughts!

3.       My health. This past year I’ve been going to a new Chiropractor who has been amazing. If you need a new Chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Kemmett at Loveland Chiropractic Offices, Inc.  I don’t know if many of you know, but I have slight scoliosis and sometimes my hip hurts and gets out of whack. Going to the chiropractor made me realize how my health needs to be a priority. As a mom to a toddler, you need lots of energy and getting movement and exercise is now a top priority for me.  

I am proud of myself for all that I did, even among a year of loss for our family. This past year, we lost three great aunts (all in their 90’s), my grandmother (she was 99!), my uncle and also the family cat, Princess.  They all live on in memories and I’ll cherish them forever.

So, I realize that I haven’t revealed my word for the year yet. As I look to the New Year, my word for 2019 is BRAVE! I want to be BRAVE and not let my thinking and mindset hold me back. I want to take more risks and live a life that I love. I may be scared, but I can be BRAVE and take the leap to see what is in store for me and my family next year.  I am planning to finish that LLC application and make this coaching business official!

What is YOUR word of the year for 2019? I would love to hear your word and the reason behind it in the comments.  See you all next year!

P.S.  I am holding a vision board party on February 2nd, 2019 at Kidd Coffee and Wine Bar from 4-7pm! There are two spots left!  Email me and one of those spots could be yours! Also, feel free to browse my website for more information about me.

This is Tasha

I want to share with you who I am, what gets me up in the morning, my favorite things and my why, why I want to share all of this with you.  First of all, my name is Tasha Hazelton. I am a wife to Norman, we’ve been together 17 years, and we met in 2001 at Miami University. One of my sorority sisters set us up because I was pining for a guy who lived in DC and she knew and I knew that that relationship was never going to work out lol! Norm and I have been together ever since that first blind date. We’ve been married eight years and we have an awesome 3 year old, Addie and our beloved Beagle, Daisy.  Like any marriage, we have had our challenges over the years.  In 2013, we experienced an unexpected pregnancy which ended up as a miscarriage. It was one of the hardest things that I have gone through. I still think about that baby, but I know now that that experience led me to having Addie, our rainbow baby in 2015. I am what you would call an “older mom”. I’m 38 years old; I had Addie when I was 35. Being older and having a baby can be challenging, but it doesn’t escape the fact that anytime a child is born it changes everything.

On a professional level, I am currently an Executive Assistant for a mid-size company in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been with the company for over ten years and worked my way up from Administrative Assistant to Senior Assistant to Executive Assistant.  I work and have worked with some of the most amazing people at my job. I am also a graduate of the Martha Beck Life Coach School, where I learned so much about myself and have learned coaching tools that have helped me clear out the junk in my mind. I graduated from the school the same year my daughter was born, in 2015. In November 2017, I joined Susan Hyatt’s BARE Daily and that has led me down a path of self-love for my body and soul.  This journey has led me to a peace I’ve never known before.  I am less stressed, more calm and just in general more satisfied with my life and where it’s going. That’s not to say I don’t have stress in my life, I do, I just know how to manage my thoughts better and able to get out of those funks quicker than I used to.

On a lighter note, here are few fun things about me. I love Tea, especially Fortnum and Mason. Thank you, Susan Hyatt for bringing me over to the tea world. Sitting down in my hygee corner with a warm cup of tea is the best. You can also find me reading the next up and coming domestic thriller lol! Think The Girl on the Train or The Couple Next Door. There is something about the drama and excitement of a good book. Before I had Addie and sometimes now, you can find me up at all hours of the night trying to finish a book! In my hygee corner with my tea and book is also dark chocolate. Put those three things together and I’m a happy girl!

Now, my why. You might be wondering, why am I sharing all of this with you?  It’s because I want to help women and young girls feel like anything is possible.   I want them to stop worrying about how much they weigh and start living life their life NOW. I want to empower women and young girls to love their bodies, stop dieting and live the life of their dreams. After being in Susan’s program, I realized that this is my passion . Growing up, I was shy and never wanted the center of attention, I always thought that this was how it was and I couldn’t do anything about it. Boy, was I wrong? This work isn’t just about losing weight, it is about learning to love yourself. I do this work for my daughter, my younger self and all the other women out there who want to feel they matter. Please join me in this journey to self-love and more pleasure!

For more information about me and my programs, please visit my website at www.tashahazelton.com. You can schedule a FREE mini session with me on the work with me page! Make it a great day!

And that's Okay

Last week I was given a challenge in a Facebook Community I am in called BARE Daily run by Susan Hyatt (for more information on this program go to www.shyatt.com/baredaily/).  The challenge was to do what’s called a “mind detox”.  What is a mind detox?, you ask.  A mind detox is a process of  thought catching, noticing what you are thinking about yourself throughout your day.  So, I did this challenge for an entire day and wrote down what I was thinking every hour or so.  One of the most repetitive thoughts I had was, “I don’t have enough time”, there were others too, but this one kept coming up. Even though I am a coach myself and I coach myself all the time, this thought has plagued me for a while and I’ve always thought that I just need to make time for it, that if it is that important to me, that I will make time for it. Well, what do you know; I never make time for it, because the more I think about it, the more it stresses me out and instead of acting, I do nothing, paralyzed by my thoughts.  Have you ever had this happen to you, where the more you think about something the more it stresses you out? I’ve spent a lot of time doing this lol!

I took my problem to the BARE group and a coach by the name of Dani Spies (https://cleananddelicious.com/) coached me on my thought of I don’t have enough time. She encouraged me to add at the end of my thought…And that is okay and to say it out loud.  I don’t have enough time right now and that is okay. Try saying it out loud and see what happens. I said it out loud and what I felt was a huge relief. I don’t have enough time and that is okay. What a big perspective change that happened on my part. I realized that I needed to be okay with that and not push myself so damn hard. She then challenged me to think about what I would do if I did have time and when. It took me a little bit to answer this question for myself, but I began to realize that I can fit some exercise and time for myself in tiny increments. Just in the past couple days, I have added in 10/15 minutes of exercise, business building, and time for myself.

As a mom, I think about not having enough time a lot and I’m sure many other moms do as well. We push and push ourselves to find time for everything. To find time to eat healthy, exercise, spend time with our children, spend time with our partners, spend time with ourselves and everything else as well. We need to learn to reframe this thought to say, I don’t have enough time for (insert thing you don’t have time for) and that is okay. We spread ourselves too thin sometimes and then we don’t take any action at all and we feel like we are failing as parents and humans.  Our society and culture place so many expectations on us and we think that if we don’t live up to them, we are somehow a failure as mom and that is so not true. Saying to ourselves, I don’t have enough time and that’s okay frees up the space in our mind to be more productive. In the past week, I have gone to bed earlier, spent 45 minutes doing yoga and not feeling bad about it, spent time doing this blog and other things too. What a difference this one phrase has made in my life in just one week.

If you want to talk more with me about this, you can visit the link here and schedule a 30-minute mini session.

Jumping off the High Dive

When I was a kid, I loved to swim, but to swim in the deep end I had to pass a swim test which included me to jump off the high dive, swim to the far end and back, and then tread water for 3 minutes or something like that. I was a good swimmer, but I was so deathly afraid of jumping off the high dive. Nothing my parents did or said helped. It ultimately came down to facing my fear to get what I wanted. I remember I would say to myself, today I am going to jump off the high dive and I would prance myself over to the board, climb up the ladder and walk out on the board only to chicken out and walk back the other way and climb down really bummed that I couldn’t do it. I don’t remember how many times I did this, but it was a lot! I remember seeing my sister and my friends in the deep end and I desperately wanted to be there too. So one day at the pool, I worked up the courage to go over to the diving board, again I walked out, but this time I didn’t chicken out. As nervous and scared as I was, I took a deep breath, and then took another to hold my breath in as I jumped into the water. As I floated back to the top of the water, I was so proud of myself (plus I didn’t plunge to my death!) I felt so free and after that I took the test and passed! I was so happy to swim in the deep end with my friends and family.  My parents couldn’t get me to stop after that, I went back to the board day after day and used the high dive to jump in the water.

Jumping off the high dive can also be a metaphor for our lives. How many times have you jumped off the high dive in your life? Or were you super cautious like me? As we get older, I think our willingness to take risks goes down.  Maybe part of it is, is that we feel like as we get older we have to be more responsible so we don’t take as many risks.  I know, I feel like that. But what about taking a risk to have a baby and you’re over 35 (the age where it’s more risky to have a child major eye roll from me over here lol!)  Or maybe you really want to adopt and you’re unsure. Those seem more reasonable. First, ask yourself, what is holding you back?

Because I have been a risk averse person almost my entire life, I can tell you that I know every excuse in the book about why I can’t do something.  It’s sad, but it’s true.  I have told myself I can’t do things because it’s not the right time. Um, when is the right time then? I have told myself I can’t do things because I’m too afraid of the result of my actions. I think to myself, what if someone doesn’t like it? Perhaps, I should be saying, what if people DO like it? Ok, one more example, because I am the Queen of excuses. I also tell myself that I can’t do things because it’s not what I “should” do.  Really, I am letting society/family/friends dictate my actions?

I am really good at these stories, aren’t I? In answer to the question, what is holding me back? In truth, I am holding me back because I let fear and other factors take hold of my thoughts. Next time you find yourself thinking of an excuse as to why you can’t do something, turn it around to the opposite and see what comes up.  It’s not the right time becomes It is the right time. What if someone doesn’t like it becomes what if someone does like it.  I shouldn’t do it becomes I should do it. After you get to that opposite thought, write a list of reasons as to how that could be true and keep it with you as your motivation.  Post in the comments your thoughts and turnarounds!