This is Tasha

I want to share with you who I am, what gets me up in the morning, my favorite things and my why, why I want to share all of this with you.  First of all, my name is Tasha Hazelton. I am a wife to Norman, we’ve been together 17 years, and we met in 2001 at Miami University. One of my sorority sisters set us up because I was pining for a guy who lived in DC and she knew and I knew that that relationship was never going to work out lol! Norm and I have been together ever since that first blind date. We’ve been married eight years and we have an awesome 3 year old, Addie and our beloved Beagle, Daisy.  Like any marriage, we have had our challenges over the years.  In 2013, we experienced an unexpected pregnancy which ended up as a miscarriage. It was one of the hardest things that I have gone through. I still think about that baby, but I know now that that experience led me to having Addie, our rainbow baby in 2015. I am what you would call an “older mom”. I’m 38 years old; I had Addie when I was 35. Being older and having a baby can be challenging, but it doesn’t escape the fact that anytime a child is born it changes everything.

On a professional level, I am currently an Executive Assistant for a mid-size company in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been with the company for over ten years and worked my way up from Administrative Assistant to Senior Assistant to Executive Assistant.  I work and have worked with some of the most amazing people at my job. I am also a graduate of the Martha Beck Life Coach School, where I learned so much about myself and have learned coaching tools that have helped me clear out the junk in my mind. I graduated from the school the same year my daughter was born, in 2015. In November 2017, I joined Susan Hyatt’s BARE Daily and that has led me down a path of self-love for my body and soul.  This journey has led me to a peace I’ve never known before.  I am less stressed, more calm and just in general more satisfied with my life and where it’s going. That’s not to say I don’t have stress in my life, I do, I just know how to manage my thoughts better and able to get out of those funks quicker than I used to.

On a lighter note, here are few fun things about me. I love Tea, especially Fortnum and Mason. Thank you, Susan Hyatt for bringing me over to the tea world. Sitting down in my hygee corner with a warm cup of tea is the best. You can also find me reading the next up and coming domestic thriller lol! Think The Girl on the Train or The Couple Next Door. There is something about the drama and excitement of a good book. Before I had Addie and sometimes now, you can find me up at all hours of the night trying to finish a book! In my hygee corner with my tea and book is also dark chocolate. Put those three things together and I’m a happy girl!

Now, my why. You might be wondering, why am I sharing all of this with you?  It’s because I want to help women and young girls feel like anything is possible.   I want them to stop worrying about how much they weigh and start living life their life NOW. I want to empower women and young girls to love their bodies, stop dieting and live the life of their dreams. After being in Susan’s program, I realized that this is my passion . Growing up, I was shy and never wanted the center of attention, I always thought that this was how it was and I couldn’t do anything about it. Boy, was I wrong? This work isn’t just about losing weight, it is about learning to love yourself. I do this work for my daughter, my younger self and all the other women out there who want to feel they matter. Please join me in this journey to self-love and more pleasure!

For more information about me and my programs, please visit my website at You can schedule a FREE mini session with me on the work with me page! Make it a great day!