Are you tired of this fast paced lifestyle and ready to slow down?

Are you ready to stop counting calories and start eating the foods your body is craving?

Are you ready for your relationship with food and exercise to change?

Then here is how to work with me.

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Photo credit to Alice Christine Photography

Photo credit to Alice Christine Photography

"The first time I met Tasha and she told me she was becoming a life coach it made complete sense. A naturally sweet and funny person, she exuded a calmness and patience that is rarely found. However her most impressive skill is that of listening, truly listening. She sits back, hearing not just the words, but what's behind them, until someone is done expressing themselves. Then she mulls it over, asks questions. I guess what I am trying to say is that she is a natural at this, her calm and wise manner, her conclusions, her probing nature, and her true investment in other people. You will be hard pressed to find a better life coach or listener, and never regret having hired her! I know I haven't, and I lead an erratic life! 

-Gillian F.